Why Fun Ride Sevilla?

It all started with a walk along the river. We enjoyed an afternoon, walking along the riverside under the Sevillian sun and we fell in that we enjoyed the river little, so we thought, why not enjoy it? Why not make the world enjoy it?
It was then that Fun Ride Sevilla began to take form. First we look for the right yacht, when we finally find it we decide to remove everything and change the decoration, without losing detail.
After several months of work and changes, the most anticipated moment came for us … with illusion we did the first ride and then we thought: are we just going to take a ride along the river? How do others do? No, we did not want to be one more, we wanted our clients to know the city, their way of life, the goblin and the joy and we decided to include an incredible tasting of Iberian products, but it was not enough, so we included the possibility to make a tour in which to visit the most emblematic monuments of the city, but it was not enough, so we decided to include a flamenco show… nothing is enough for our clients, nothing is enough for them to understand the love we feel towards the piece of land that we occupy, so that they know the idiosyncrasy of a city in which joy abounds because life, despite everything, is incredibly wonderful.
That is what we want to achieve, that with us you feel free and happy, because there is nothing more beautiful than sharing with others the good we have, because we all have something great to offer.
Do you want to ride with us?

The Fun Ride Sevilla Team.